About Nagina City

About Nagina (Bijnor)

Nagina is a town in district Bijnor which occupies the north-west corner of the Rohilkhand or Bareilly Division, and is a roughly triangular stretch of country with its apex to the north. The western boundary is formed throughout by the deep stream of the river Ganges, beyond which lie the four districts of Dehradun, Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar and Meerut, all belonging to the meerut Division. To the north and north-east in the hill country of Garhwal, the dividing ling being the submontane road, which runs from Hardwar along the foot of the Himalayas to Ramanagar, Haldwani and Tanakpur. This road, popularly known as the Kandi Saradk, belongs throughout its length to Garhwal, the transfer having taken place a few years since. On the east the Phika river for the greater part of its course constitutes the boundary, separating this district from Naini Tal and Moradabad, as far as its junction with the Ramganga; and to the south lie the Thakurdwara, Amroha, and Hasanpur tahsils of Moradabad, the boundary being conventional and undetermined by natural features. The extreme parallels of north latitued are 29 2′ and 29 58′ and of east longitude 78 0′ and 78 57′ from Lalitpur, the most northerly point, to koti Rao in the furthest eastern corner the distance in 56 miles; and from koti Rao to Kamharia in the south-westerly angle 57 miles; and from Kamharia to Lalitpur 62 Miles. The total area of the district is liable to change slightly from time to time by reason of the erratic action of the Ganges and Ramganga: in 1906 it amounted to 1,145,272 acres of 1789-5 square miles, the average for the last five years being 1,147,967 acres.

Crafts Activities at Nagina

Nagina has the history of wood carving craft since Mughal period and it was known for classical and intricate caring work. After the independence the artisans of Nagina could not adjust themselves with the change of time and almost all of them left this craft. It is believed only five remained there in 1968 who continued the wood carving craft. The situation was improved only with a lot of efforts later on and it regained its name and fame. As per an estimate today approximately 10,000 artisans are involved with this craft.

Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, New Delhi introduced various schemes for the welfare of artisans. The only NGO of this place Nagina Craft Development Society also made a lot of effort and conducted various programmes for the benefit of craft artisans. Today approximately Rupees 30 crore worth wooden products are exported to various countries.

In 1968 Sh. Abdul Rashid from Nagina was facilitated with National Award for his excellence in wood carving craft.